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WWI Christmas Truce Centennial

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". . .what a suberb book.  It's obviously been a labour of love and it's a fantastic read." --Alan Cleaver, editor, Christmas Truce Website.
Oh Holy Night: ThePeace of 1914

Published in U.S. Glad to send pdf to anyone across the pond

The Book & The Reviews

The Book, 96 pp. with illustrations 



 This book reflects on the letters written to home by those young, war-weary soldiers in the cold and wet trenches of Flanders Field.

In 1914, on World War 1's Western Front, a British soldier wrote home:  "The night closed in early...The soldier's Christmas Eve had come."

An extraordinary series of events followed. O Holy Night reflects on those events and the letters written to home by those young men in No Man's Land.

 "After a timeless dream . . . I saw...a strange sort of light. . . .from the German parapet, a rich baritone voice began to sing...Stille Nacht, Heil'ge Nacht..."

On Christmas Eve, 1914, the carol, Silent Night, brought enemies together.

This Collin Raye song found on his Christmas Album


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