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About Michael Snow

While serving in the U. S. Marine Corps, idealism faded under the harsh sun of reality as Michael struggled with training for warfare in the light of Christian conviction. When selected for captain, he was convinced that he ought to resign his commission as an officer. The pilgrimage continued as the following months were spent immersed in Scripture.

If you are looking for an academic work, this book is not it. This is the testimony of a twenty-something Marine and Christian grappling with the Resurrection faith and the Lordship of Christ Jesus.


Graduate of the University of South Dakota, 1970

U.S. Marine Corps, 1970-73

National Park Service: ROMO, ROMO W., and Death Valley, 1974-83

M. Div., Earlham, 1981

Family Farmer, to present

First Published by friends United Press

Christian Pacifism: Fruit of the Narrow Way


You do Not Need to own either a Nook or Kindle. Both provide PC Ap.

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